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Who We Are

We are a Seventh-day Adventist Hospital facility aimed at extending health services to the community

History, Vision & Mission...

To provide a Christ centered health Care to all, to improve the quality of life by caring...

Our Photo Gallery

Visit our hospital gallery and enjoy the spetacular marvels of God's work.....

What We Do

We extend a variety of services based on the Seventh day Adventist Culture. We go from treating people to training health proffessionals

Training Institutions

In support to the local community and the health fraternity's educational needs, Ishaka Adventist Hospital set up training institutions with support from various development partners...

Lifestyle and Wellness Program

To see souls recovered physically, mentally and spiritually through wholistic nature approach

How we are organised

For easy management and monitoring, Ishaka Adventist Hospital is divided into differnt departments. This is aimed at providing quality services to our clients


Dental Services Photo

To treat our patients not only with high quality care, but also educate you about your...


Maternity Photo

This department is one of the busiest in the hospital with around 2000 births per year......


THeater Photo

Diagnostic Laboratory is equipped with sophisticated automated systems which.......

Events Update

January 2019
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Nanzirugadde Free Medical Camp

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World AIDS Day

15th October - 09th November/2018
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Plastic Surgery Camp

Our Partners