Hospital Chaplaincy

The department offers both comfort and support to patients’ families. They calm angry or emotionally distraught friends and family members to patients. They conduct religious services in the hospital wards. More so, take care of staff members spiritually.

Our regular hospital chaplaincy activities include:-
  1. Worship services
    • Daily staff morning Devotions
    • Ward morning and evening devotion
    • Sabbath ward divine worship
  2. Pastor’s visitation: Daily patients’ visitation (Bed-to-bed)
  3. Prison Ministry: Nyamushekyera (every Sabbath)
  4. Two Week of Prayers: with both national and international speakers
  5. TMI: Total Member Involvement in community service
  6. Outreach: conducting evangelistic crusade
  7. Patients follow-up: visitation of patients’ families
  8. Pastor’s Staff visitation
  9. Prayer and fasting days


  1. Baby dedication service
  2. End-of-life service
  3. Bereavement service
  4. 10 days of prayer
  5. Stewardship week of prayer
  6. Workers’ seminars:
    • SDA policy and values,
    • Spiritual care and counseling,
    • Medical missionary practice,
    • Christian education (for schools staff)
    • Christian leadership and communication skills
    • Christian ethics

Ishaka Adventist Health Training (IAHTS) Schools Chaplaincy


IAHTS chaplaincy is under the Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries (ACM), and operates under its Departmental Policies.

Philosophy of ACM

The work of Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries (ACM) and the mission of the Church are one– to restore broken humanity to wholeness for time and eternity.


Vision – To develop and communicate to the Church a vision of ministry that integrates the work of chaplains and related ministries into the mission of the Church in taking the gospel to the world.

Education Departmental Policies

Philosophy of education — The Seventh-day Adventist philosophy of education is Christ centered. The distinctive characteristics of Adventist education derived from the Bible and the writings of Ellen G White point to the redemptive aim of true education: to restore human beings into the image of their Maker. Adventist education imparts more than academic knowledge. It fosters a balanced development of the whole person spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially.

Aim and Mission

Adventist education prepares people for useful and joy-filled lives, fostering friendships with God, whole-person development, Bible-based values, and selfless service in accordance with the Seventh-day Adventist mission to the world.
The Christian teachers in the schools provide students the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior and commit to a life of Christian values and service.

Institutional Religious Activities

  • Sabbath worship services are attended by everyone on campus; students and staff members.
  • Well planned vespers services are held every Friday evening.
  • Provisions are made for students, faculty and staff members to participate in Sabbath School services.
  • Two Weeks of Prayer sessions are conducted each year.
  • Morning and evening worship is conducted and they are spiritual and well organized.
  • Baptismal classes are conducted and here the opportunity is provided for those desiring baptism to receive instruction in the doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  • The schools have several religious and Christian students clubs e.g. school choir, pathfinder club, singing groups etc, where students can participate and socialize and learn to serve in church, and are trained in church mission and ministry
  • Students take a class in Christian medical education. The IAHTS requires all students to take a course termed as CME through their course of study. Though this course may seem not directly related to their major field of concentration, it is valid in sense that it provides our students with skills and knowledge which are not limited only to the field of their concentration. Whereas by the study of their professional course they will be enabled to be successful in their health care service, by this course they will not only perform well in their chosen carrier, but they will also face the realities and challenges of life efficiently.